A Journey From Aquascaping

Today, there has been a surge about aquascaping trend all around the world. Plenty of people create, design, ruin and rescape aquariums depended on their thoughts, style, and artistic perspective. In further, scapers share these perspectives and thoughts via digital platforms, which is amazing for inspiring other scapers or people interested in this tremendous trend. In this blog, I am going to share mine from its’ set-up to latest shape.

Tank Set-Up with Hardscapes

Generally, I prefer to establish my tanks with hardscape materials. In this set-up, I used some small and big sized natural rocks, mangrove root and white sand. There are two distinct reasons why I put all these materials into my tank. The first reason is giving a wave of jungle view while scaping my live plants into the tank. The second reason is balancing water conditions (water hardness,Ph, etc.) by using rocks and mangrove root for fish safety.

Planting Stage

Planting stage has always been the most enjoyable part for me and many scapers. The thing is you reflect a landscape that imagined and created in mind. Combining variety of colorful plants not only ensures different texture but also helps for catching a harmony with fish. I added Limnophila Sessiliflora and Rotala Rotundifolia (Red) at the backline of my tank. These plants have an extreme growth speed and beautiful unique colors. While Sessiliflora having green, wide, and vibrant leaves, Rotala Rotundifolia has remarkable bright narrow leaves and compose contrast in the aquarium. However, it is necessary to chop off them biweekly for a better development process. Other live plants that I added are Java Fern (compressed on the mangrove root), Cryptocoryne, Bacopa Amplexicaulis and Eleocharis Parvulus (Hairgrass).

Right after the planting stage

Hairgrass was used as a carpet plant and positioned at the foreground. The main purpose of using hairgrass is obtaining a vast carpet seem. If enough lighting, CO2 and liquid fertilizers are not provided in the tank, it grows too slow. If the appropriate conditions (high light, CO2 and liquid fertilizers) are provided, hairgrass can be multiplied easily and quickly. On the other hand, it is mostly liked by snail and shrimp species. Shrimps love to leap from one to another and snails like to trip among them.

In shortly, the planting stage is definitely depending on species which is going to be selected and your imagination.

6 Months Maintenance

I established this tank at September 1st 2020 and maintained without adding living creature until February 1.st 2021. The major key role on this decision making was consolidating water conditions and plant growth for sustainability and better look when fish added. It is proper to add living creatures after 2 weeks of the tank set-up for the beginners. However, If you look for more professional view right before adding species, you can maintain your tank really well with CO2 injection, liquid fertilizers, and lighting. Then, you can keep this maintenance a few months. In this result, you can encounter with perfect landscape and enjoyment.

6 months later


In this part let me share all supplements I have used to accelerate plant growth and adaptation.

For liquid fertilizers, Tropica Specialised Fertilizer and Tropica Premium Fertilizer were my choice. Already, Tropica is most common known brand over countries. Company’s owner is one of the most famous aquascaper George Farmer. I bought these fertilizers without any doubt thanks to its’ high brand recognition and saw countless benefits over my plants. Both separately contain iron, nitrate, ammonium, phosphate and other nutrients required to ensure healthy plant growth. Secondly, I add Ista CO2 tablet melted in mineral water to the tank sometimes or you can just add mineral water 2–3 times in a week. Additionally, I use Seachem Clarity clarifier product for urgent situations. When your tank starts to get cloudy, Clarity will clear all types of clouding.

These are all that I will pass on to you. You can get more information about aquascaping and its’ contests by visiting various websites, forums and YouTube videos.

Advertising 4th grade student at İstanbul Bilgi University. Worked in distinct advertising agencies as a copywriter. On the other hand, engaged in aquascaping.